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  • Closed today. Next week we'll be at Civic Green Park in Highlands ranch then Murdoch's on the 31st ,
  • Heading to a pool party now, but shooting for 3ish at Murdoch's. Will depend on the weather. Out of town and closed… ,
  • Pool party at a local community, them heading to normal spot. Hope to see you today! Mauna Snoa Shave Ice ,

About Us

The Legend of Mauna Snoa

A long time ago, far across the sea, hot lava churned beneath miles of ocean, pushing ever higher until the Hawaiian Island chain was born. Over millions of years, the lava cooled and a wide variety of flora and fauna grew and flourished. Many famous volcanoes still exist, providing structure and beauty to this rugged paradise.

You are probably familiar with the great and powerful twins on the “big island” of Hawaii. These two volcanoes–Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea–are two of the five volcanoes that make up the island. They are world famous and are considered sacred by native Hawaiians.

But, they were not the only volcanoes that ever existed there. There was… another. Ancient legends tell of another volcano that was near, but not part of the Big Island. Instead of hot lava from the center of the earth, this volcano allegedly spewed the sweet, colorful flavors of the island. No one knows any more where they came from. And no one questioned it. Ancient natives knew it could only be a gift from Above. It was called “Mauna Snoa.”

The clever natives would collect these colorful flavors and combine them with snow they would harvest from the tops of the other volcanoes. Thus, Hawaiian Shave Ice was born.

Many people have wondered why the Hawaiians call it “shave ice” instead of “shaved ice.” This is a topic of discussion and wonder among frozen dessert aficionados and has been for many years. The true story is that one year, the great volcano Mauna Snoa demanded a sacrifice. If it was not appeased, the mountain would disappear into the ocean, never to return.

The villagers chose the most beautiful woman in the entire island chain, whose name was Dee, to be the sacrifice. Unfortunately, she was the daughter of a powerful chieftain who gathered a small force of his finest warriors and sent his daughter away with them to live safely on a tiny, remote island where she was never heard from again.

The mountain was angry, and kept its promise (as mountains do). Mauna Snoa slowly slipped into the sea, disappearing forever. As a pitiful attempt at reconciliation with the mountain, the chieftain demanded that the “D” be dropped from all future references to shaved ice. Thus becoming “shave ice.”

shaveice4Today, one family harks back to those early days, when sweet flavors of paradise flowed freely from the great Mauna Snoa. Using the finest flavors from the Islands, along with pure cane sugar and crystal clear water from Artesian sources in the Rocky Mountains, this family produces the finest, most authentic Hawaiian shave ice in the area.



8 Responses to About Us

  • Julie Snow says:

    That was the best authentic shave ice story I have ever read! I get now why there is “no Dee” – haha. !

  • Merilan Anderson says:

    Checking to see if you would be available to come to our dealership in Greeley Colorado on July 12 and July 19th?

    Thank you,
    Merilan Anderson

  • Brittany Thorn says:

    Howzit!! I’m from hawaii and was looking for some ice shave. I was wondering you guys arw located?

  • 良い徹底したアイデアは、チーズのようなものをチェックアウトしてお勧めしたいhere.Id。あなたの考えは何ですか?私をIVE

  • Courtney says:

    Hi should we call before we come down from Boulder?
    To make sure of location?


  • Jimmy Larkin says:

    Hey Matt,

    My wife and I have emailed you before trying to figure out a time and day that we can come and get a tasty treat. I saw at the top of your page that you are closed today. Is this the case. We are just checking because we were about to head out and try it out but if it’s closed then we will wait until another day.

  • Maria Hwang says:

    I am part of the Asian Diversity Network here at the DTC office for Travelers. We are looking to bring in a shave ice truck as well as lunch trucks in May. Is that something you would be interested in doing? This would be a situation were you would set up in the parking lot and everyone who comes by would be self purchasing. The building holds about 500 employees, and frankly who would say no to shave ice? Please let me know if this is something you are interested in and we can start setting up the details!

    Thank you!

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