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“Snocones” Make Me Sick!

It’s Wednesday, and you know what that means… it’s time for a rant!

I emailed a person today about a local event. It’s an outdoor Summer event that is the perfect time and place to have a nice, soft, smooth Hawaiian shave ice. She responded promptly, to her credit, and told me we wouldn’t sell much there because they give away “snocones.”

My first thought? Gross! Why would anyone do that to people who were nice enough to come to their event?




Snow cones.

No matter how you spell it, it’s just gross. What’s even the point? Yes, it’s cold and yes it has some sugar on it. But seriously, people, once you try a true Hawaiian shave ice, the difference is immediately evident. They shouldn’t even be in the same category, in my opinion. They are totally different treats.

It’s like comparing something super-delicious to a decroded piece of crap.

To each her own, I guess.

I will continue to carry the flag of deliciousness into the battle for the taste buds of all humanity.

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