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Why “Hawaiian”?

Here at Mauna Snoa, we pride ourselves on providing an authentic Hawaiian shave ice experience. That manifests itself in our true tropical flavors, our add-ins, our machinery and our Aloha spirit. So, why did we choose to go Hawaiian, versus other styles that I have written about in the past?


Mainly, it’s the feeling that Hawaii evokes in the human soul. Just mention Hawaii to someone and they are immediately thinking about sandy beaches, tropical breezes, crystal clear ocean water and a laid-back lifestyle. It’s an exotic tropical destination without being too “exotic” if you know what I mean. Millions of people make Hawaii a favored destination for vacations. In fact, Hawaii ranks twice in the top 10 favorite US vacation destinations, according to this US News poll.

A true Hawaiian-style shave ice can transport you back to (if you’ve been before) or to the Islands for a brief period, at a fraction of the price. Here in Colorado, we don’t have fancy beaches or year-round warm weather. However, when it does get warm, and hot, nothing refreshes like spending a couple bucks on shave ice. It’s like a vacation in a cup.

We were very pleasantly surprised throughout our first Summer that many native Hawaiians and others who had spent significant time in the Islands enjoyed and approved of our shave ice. Given our location in Colorado, they were often somewhat dubious at first. Let me give you a couple “frinstances”: a Hawaiian family came by and did what many Hawaii-experts do… they looked at the sign that said “Authentic Hawaiian Shave Ice” and said either to themselves or to us, “We’ll be the judge of that!” Well, they really enjoyed it. They enjoyed it so much that, on their way to the airport to fly home to Hawaii, they had to stop again and get another round.

Another man from Hawaii who now lives locally saw us and had to test our “authenticity” as well. Bam. Another valued customer. We also did a couple Hawaiian events here in Colorado where our product was well-received.

I didn’t start writing this post to brag, but I get a little carried away talking about our great customers. Let’s just finish with this: we love producing and selling the best Hawaiian shave ice around. We’re just glad people like it so much and glad we can make so many people happy. We are looking forward to another great Summer this year.

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