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  • Closed today. Next week we'll be at Civic Green Park in Highlands ranch then Murdoch's on the 31st ,
  • Heading to a pool party now, but shooting for 3ish at Murdoch's. Will depend on the weather. Out of town and closed… ,
  • Pool party at a local community, them heading to normal spot. Hope to see you today! Mauna Snoa Shave Ice ,

Spread the Love

People often ask me, “How can I help spread the word about the finest Hawaiian shave ice in all of Colorado? I want more people to know how great this stuff is!” To those people, I extend a hearty thank you. And provide a few suggestions, detailed below:

Facebook – ( one of our primary avenues for keeping customers informed on our doings. First step is to click through to our FB page and click the “Like” button. What else can you do on Facebook? Plenty!

  • Share with your friends: When you go to our page, you should see a box at the top (currently on the left side) to invite your friends to like us.
  • On any of our posts, either from our FB page, or your own stream, click “Share” and share that post on your timeline. Feel free to like the posts and add comments, too. We usually respond.
  • You can also “share” the whole page by clicking the button on the header image that has three dots, then click “Share”
  • Write a new post on our page. Attach a photo if you like. Share your favorite combinations or flavors.
  • Click here to post a review.
  • Here’s a good one: When you post a photo or status update to your own FB account, you can click on the location button and start typing our name to select us as the location. It’s the same as tagging someone, except it works for business pages.
  • If you are using the mobile Facebook app, you can “Check In”

Twitter – @maunasnoa. All our FB posts roll over to Twitter, so if you tweet more than you book, you might see us here. The lifespan of a tweet is so short, though that you may have to go right to our twitter page by searching our name or going here: You’ll def want to “Follow” us first of all. You will also probably want to:

  • “Retweet” and “Favorite” our posts
  • Tag Mauna Snoa in your photos by clicking on “Who’s in this photo?” You might have to start typing “Mauna Snoa” to have us show up
  • You can also manually include “@maunasnoa” in any tweet
  • You can contact us directly by starting your message with “@maunasnoa” if you want to communicate with us

Instagram – Remember the underscore! First thing you’ll want to do here is click on that follow button. What else?

  • Tag us in your photo by clicking “Tag” and type Mauna Snoa until we come up
  • Use hashtags #maunasnoa and #shaveice. Bonus: using hashtag #shaveice will make your photo appear on our blog (see the sidebar on the right?). If enough people start using #maunasnoa I will change it so just those posts appear!
  • Share your Instagram photos on your other social media properties to spread the word far and wide
  • If you want to include our name manually, remember the underscore. It’s “@mauna_snoa” on Insta


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